System On Module


System On Module is a Core Board, which combines a processor, memory, input and output, and other features on a single board.


Core Board for Gatewaymakes it simple for the developer that develops his IoT gateway. There are lots of advantages to using the Core Board, including accelerated time-to-market with proven hardware, which you don’t need to manufacture. All the resources including buildroot, SD_Firmware_Tool, DriverAssistant .etc, which will be required in the development, are available on the website.


Core Board for other IoTbe directly applied to various smart products, such as face recognition, gesture recognition, gate access control, smart security, smart IP camera, smart doorbell/peephole, self-service terminals, and smart finance, smart construction, smart travel.


Wireless Module


Wireless Module is a component that handles the communications with all of the wireless devices connected to it.


Protocol and Certificationdifferent kinds of Modules having certification and supporting different protocols. Such as Zigbee, LoRa, and Bluetooth.


Module for IoT Gateway or Devicesbe used in the developer’s Gateway or the Smart IoT devices for a very specific application. A variety of development resources including SDK, and burning tools are provided, so the developer can find the right solution for his specific requirements.


Programmable Gateway


The Programmable Gateway provides the developer the facility to customize the firmware logics. The developer needs to develop the custom firmware from the bottom layer of the hardware.


Development Environmentthe development environment such as the driver for the communication module, kernel and bootloader resources will be also provided.


Replace Raspberry Pi Gateway


The Raspberry Pi Gateway is developed based on the Raspberry Pi. The aim is to help the electronics enthusiasts to study how to develop the gateway applicaiton.


The Replace Raspberry Gateway a out-of-box product, not only for the enthusiasts , but also for the company to develop his gateway application in the IoT industry. having the beautiful Inclosure and all the communication module is in-built, Certification is ready Direct to market(DTM).


Application supporting openHAB, Home Assistant, Node-Red, and ThingsBoard Jeedom.




ODM ExperienceInstead of providing a complete product, we also offer OEM services to the customer by Leveraging our more than ten years of experience in the wireless communications industry, integrating production and research, serving Huawei, H3C, and famous overseas companies.


AbilityThe customer only needs to tell us the information about the chip, wireless module and OS. We can design and produce the custom product based on the requirement from the developer. In addition to using our available shell, the custom ID service is possible. Our factory has PCB Design, RF Design, Structural Design and Wireless Test Equipment Capabilities.

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